'Imagine' By 'Goodluck Jonathan' - Funny Music Video

5 years ago


Imagine there's no Boko
No blood to shed
All bombs are footballs
We kick them around
Imagine no APC
They're all PDP
Imagine my wife Peshy
A professor of English
Imagine all the crude oil
Was just koko garri
Imagine all the people
Living in aso rock
You may say I'm a dreamer (Sanusi ko Joseph ni)
But I'm not the only one
2015 will soon come
And una go vote me again
Imagine the whole world
Want to see naija
Imagine all the soldiers
Are just some master chefs (I don miss boli and fish)
Imagine all APC
Are just PDP (ehen this is no longer Bayelsa o)
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I know some day you'll join me
And our part 2 go sweet

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