Video: Jedidiaah – You Are

3 years ago

“YOU ARE” is a medley that was birthed in one of the darkest and lowest moments of my life. It’s a song of praise, hope and assurance in the unfailing and unchanging Father that we have. I have prayed and as I am as sure as I am of my very next breath, this song will change your life as it did mine.


I had almost had a bike accident. I am at my lowest wondering where my life was going. Hoping desperately to hear something; even if it’s just a whisper, telling me which way to go. Then all of a sudden I hear a sound and it triggers a flow of lyrics. Viola!!! A song is birthed.

Another day, I was walking on a pedestrian bridge. It had been a rough day that day; the bridge was so crowded. I had this feeling bubbling out of me; the feeling of worship and adoration. I could not control it. And I found myself singing a new song!! I had never heard the song before in my life. I am sure people walking by were looking at me and wondering if I was normal! Laughs* I was barely aware of my surroundings.

Watch video below