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Tyga - Booty Dancer (Video) | Download Mp4

Video 1 year ago

Download Tyga - Booty Dancer (Video)

Tyga brings the greatest show on earth in the dark but extravagant video for his brand new single, “Booty Dancer”.

Turning a carnival into his personal futuristic playground, Tyga portrays a ringmaster catering to a wealthy clientele complete with strippers working the pole, sword swallowing routines, and a robotic tiger leaping through a ring of fire, among other daring acts.

“Aye, bitch, keep dancing / I was cute but the money made me handsome,” T-Raww boasts over the violin-infused production by Swish, Mike Crook, and Alex Ghenea. “Aye, kidnap yo’ bitch, no ransom / Aye, take off yo’ shoes, it’s a mansion.”

“Booty Dancer” arrives following the L.A. rapper’s previous releases “Fantastic“, and “Sunshine” featuring Jhene Aiko and the late Pop Smoke.

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